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Chi Tiết Sản Phẩm

Shim Inox chữ u

Stainless Steel Slotted Shim Metric Sizes


 300 Series Stainless Steel

Each shim marked with thickness in decimal and metric


.025mm to .25mm sizes are permanently etched


.040mm to 2mm sizes are permanently stamped


 Quy Cách:

50mm x 50mm Stainless Slotted Shim. Dày 0.025mm - 2mm.

75mm x 75mm Stainless Slotted Shim. Dày 0.025mm - 2mm.

100mm x 100mm Stainless Slotted Shim. Dày 0.025mm - 2mm.

125mm x 125mm Stainless Slotted Shim. Dày 0.025mm - 2mm.
Stainless Slotted Shim Metric Assortments
UPC No. Description Pcs. Per Pkg. Size Slot Size Weight Notes
81945 Shop Kit 100 50mm x 50mm 16mm 2.661  
81955 Shop Kit 100 75mm x 75mm 19mm 5.6084  
81965 Shop Kit 100 100mm x 100mm 32mm 9.1702  
81975 Shop Kit 100 125mm x 125mm 41mm 14.1047 New

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