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Que hàn thép chịu lực UTP 614 KB 3.2mmx 450mm

UTP 614 Kb is a double coated stick electrode with a universally suited application field. It is used in industry, trade, as well as in production and repair welds for diverse base materials. Due to a special coating formula UTP 614 Kb shows a smooth and finely rippled weld seam, a stable arc, easy slag removal, and a very slight increase of the weld, as well as a notch-free seam. The weld metal is little affected by steel impurities. Due to the double coating the stick electrode is excellently suited for root- and out-of-position welding. Recovery 120%, H2 content < 8 ml/100g.

Base materials

  • Unalloyed construction steels:  S235JRG2 – S355J2; E295, E335, St35, St 45, St 35.8, St45.8, St50-2 Boiler steels:  P235GH, P265GH, P295GH
  • Fine-grained steels up to S355N
  • Shipbuilding steels A – E, AH – EH
  • Cast steels C 35, GS-38, GS-45

Typical analysis in % Material: Low Alloy Steel

Typical analysis in %















Yield strength RP0,2: >420MPa

Tensile strength Rm: >520Mpa

 Đạt tiêu chuẩn:     EN ISO 2560-A:  E 42 3 B32 H10

                                 AWS A5.1: E 7018

Theo lớp TÜV (No. 10571), DB (No. 10.138.03), GL, BV, DNV, ABS, LR

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