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Thiết bị đo lực căng dây đai Checkline BTM-400PLUS Belt Tension Meter
Thiết bị đo lực căng dây đai Checkline BTM-400PLUS Belt Tension Meter Thiết bị đo lực căng dây đai Checkline BTM-400PLUS Belt Tension Meter Thiết bị đo lực căng dây đai Checkline BTM-400PLUS Belt Tension Meter Thiết bị đo lực căng dây đai Checkline BTM-400PLUS Belt Tension Meter

 Belt Tension Meter Checkline

Model: BTM - 400Plus
Hãng sản xuất: Checkline - Mỹ
Thông số kỹ thuật
Dải đo: 3– 800 Hz
Tỷ trọng đai lớn nhất: 10 kg/m
Sai số mẫu của thiết bị: < 1%
Sai số tính toán: ± 1 Hz
Sai số tổng: < 5%
Nhiệt độ hoạt động: 50 to 122 °F (10 to 50 °C)
Nhiệt độ bảo quản: 23 to 158 °F (–5 to 70 °C)
Máy chính được làm bằng Plastic (ABS)
Kích thước máy chính: 3.15 inch x 4.96 inch x 1.47 inch
(80 x 126 x 37mm)
Kích thước hộp đựng: 8.9 inch x 7.0 inch x 2.0 inch 
(226 x 178 x 50mm)
Hiển thị: 2-line LCD, 16 char./line
Ngôn ngữ: English, German, French, Italian
Nguồn cấp: 9-volt alkaline battery


Belt Tension Meter

Supplied with both plug-in and cable-connected sensors

The new CHECK-LINE® BTM-400PLUS accurately measures the static tension of flat, V and ribbed belts of rubber, leather, fabric and composite materials by measuring the natural frequency (Hz) of a segment of the belt that has been tapped and then converting it into tension units of newtons (N) or pounds force (lbf).

The instrument uses a pulsed ruby red light source to measure the natural frequency of the vibrating belt. Unlike competitive models, the BTM-400PLUS is NOT affected by ambient noise, providing quick reliable results in all production and field applications.  


 Includes two (2) separate Sensors – a plug-in type for one-handed operation and a cable-connected type for measuring belts with limited access space
 Compact, easy-to-use design
 Readings unaffected by nearby magnetic fields or noise
 Displays tension in newtons (N) or pounds force (lbf) or natural frequency in Hertz (Hz) - selectable
 Displays Menu in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French or Italian & others - selectable

 Photo Gallery - click any photo to enlarge 




BTM-400PLUS with Wand Sensor


 Typical Applications 

 External Probe Dimensions 


 Complete Kit 

The BTM-400PLUS is supplied as a complete kit, including: the gauge, plug-in and cable connected sensors, 9-volt battery, Instruction Manual – all in a foam-fitted, hard plastic carrying case.  


Measuring Range* 3 - 800 Hz 
Accuracy** ± 5% or better 
Sensing Distance*** 0.200" - 1.6" (5 - 40 mm), typically (2.5"/60 mm max, depending upon ambient light & surface of belt to be measured) 
Casing ABS Plastic 
Display 2 line LCD, 16 character per line 
Input Range free span length: up to 9.990 m
belt mass: up to 9.999 kg/m 
Power Supply 9V battery 
Belt Desnity Belt Density (d = kg/m or lb/ft) 
Warranty 1 Year 
Light Source Red LED 
Light Size at 50mm - 6mm Square
at 150mm - 15mm Square 


*BTM-400PLUS can measure up to 800 Hz, however most belts will break near 400Hz

**Static tension (T) accuracy depends on the precision of entered values forfree belt span (L), density (d) and natural frequency (f) of the vibrating free belt span, that has been plucked or struck, as noted in the relationship: T = 4dL2f2. Note that highest accuracy is achieved in the frequency mode where readings are accurate to <1%, ± 1 Hz.

***Sensing distance can be extended when ambient light level is low also by adding a piece of reflective tape in the "target area" of the belt.







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